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M-fiol features:

MDI (multiple document interface) command file editor

Serial, TCP/IP or SSH & SFTPconnection to network elements

"Intelligent" command line editor - offers you parameters after you type the command (depending on BSS release)

Execution of command files , using

Advanced Execution Options - enables you to edit interpreting of printouts for case of successful/unsuccessful execution of commands, for every MML command separately

Scripting language compatible with Winfiol scripts (+M-fiol additional commands)

TG Tool - the most powerful M-fiol tool, offers virtually everything you need for configuring BTSs, like editing all parameters for TGs and subordinate MOs, channel group parameters, defining/un defining MOs, creation/deletion of channel groups and sub cells. All the parameters are checked for consistency, and You are being warned about the mismatch. In addition, there is "quick-repair" feature like loop test (RXLTI), test (RXTEI), reset (RXBLI/RXBLE). Printouts for commands RXELP (error log) and RXMFP (fault information) are being decoded and shown in user-friendly way, and all of that just by one click in the popup menu. Default values for new sub cells, TRXs and channel groups can be customized. Only RBS2000 is supported.
Unattended changes: just make a good plan, and M-fiol will do the rest.
New feature: License check for MCTRs - reduce the number of used HWACs.

Network Explorer - enables you to browse files on IOG20 or APG40 almost like they are on your computer. Very simple and efficient way to upload BTS software to BSCs.

Remote OMT Tool - provides connection of ROMT to any BTS in network just by selecting site ID. Semipermanent connections (and manual blocking of TSs, if needed) are made automatically through all BSCs/MSCs in connection path.

TRA Function Change Tool - used for quick generating command files for reconfiguring TRA boards

DIP Function Change Tool - used for quick generating command files for reconfiguring DIPs

Count Tool - used for counting strings in printouts (TRXs, DIPs, whatever)

Link Table - using print commands creates table of links, BTSs and signalling links.




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