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Minimum system requirements:

  • CPU @1GHz  with 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 7 or newer operating system
  • 30 MB of disk space for M-fiol installation, and approx. 50 MB per BSC for databases (depending on BSC size) - can be on a shared drive. If local Alex is used, approx 300MB for database.
  • A mouse or other pointing device 

Choose version for download:

M-fiol 2022, version 4.22.12 (5 October 2022)

New in version 4.22.12:

Support for TG numbers up to 8190 (G20 and on)

M-fiol 2022, version 4.22.4 (27 June 2022)

New in version 4.22.4:

Fixed bug in veriosn 4.22.0 which prevents opening a TG in TG Tool

M-fiol 2022, version 4.22.0 (21 June 2022)

New in version 4.22.0:

Corrected bug:
-saving NEs in silent mode (/runexit in command line) is now disabled
-in some BSC hardware configurations, M-fiol would refresh BSC data on every connection to BSC
Option to search for cells first in TG Tool (Options/TG Tool/Don't show TG number first)
Support for TG numbers up to 4096 (G22Q1 and on)
This release is to fix problem with TG numbers over 2047.

M-fiol 2020, version 4.19.28 (17 March 2021)

New in version 4.19.28:

Corrected bug:
-wrong cell power calculation with TX Diversity (CC type=5)
-in some circumstances PSTU was defined twice in Generated Command File

M-fiol 2020, version 4.19.24 (7 January 2021)

New in version 4.19.24:

Corrected bug:
-TG Tool doesn't properly refresh channel groups state

M-fiol 2020, version 4.19.20 (23 December 2020)

New in version 4.19.20:

Support for BTS logical model G31 (baseband nodes)
Abis Over IP Presets:
-now can be copied from a TG currently opened in TG Tool
-new for MO AT (BTS logical model G31) with option to copy from PSTU presets
Network Element Connections:
-Corrected bug: if no password for SSH connection was saved in Connection Settings, empty password was sent instead of the one entered
-redesigned Connection Settings
-NE name can now contain underscore (_)
-NE can be renamed
-warning for unsaved changes
-connections through SSH tunnel
-public-key authentication for SSH connections
-NEs can be copy/pasted to or from XML
Network Explorer:
-can now connect to any SFTP node
-can connect through SSH tunnel
-tree can be resized
TG Tool:
-New layout for baseband (BTS logical model G31)
-Abis thresholds removed from parameters
-Combined Cell:
-some bugs with CCTP=5 and CCID corrected
-CCID can be entered manually
-Adjust method for changed (rxmop and rxmsp with subord parameter, cell commands for all cells in TG)
-Refresh button refreshes cells status also
-Status details is shown in tooltip window
-TGTool refreshes status of all MOs on open (can be turned off in Settings/Options)
Fixed bugs:
-TG templates and importing TG data
-3rd order IM not shown properly when opened from Cell Details window
Default Execution Options changed: repeat command rxtce if MO BUsY is received;
(*check if you made changes to Execution Options)
Command help for rxelp:
-BTS logical model G31: event log;
-BTS logical model G12: parameter EXT2BMAPEXT added for parsing of error log
-corrected error in Faults.txt file which caused External fault map class 2B for TRXC not to be printed

M-fiol 2020, version 3.19.12 (17 September 2020)

New in version 3.19.12:

Installation corrected:
-SSH component was not registered properly
-Shortcuts were not added
No other changes

M-fiol 2020, version 3.19.8 (7 May 2020)

New in version 3.19.8:

Support for G19.Q4
Bug corection: log file set from script uses exact file name from script (no prefixes or suffixes)
Corrected bug with SFTP (Network Explorer)
Corrected bug in Script when step<0 for loop finishes
When run with /runexit command line option, M-fiol doesn't need GUI any more (which means it can be called from non-interactive service)
In planned TG, click on mismatched cell parameters corrects them (without opening of 'Details' window)
In valid TG, double-click on Cell frame refreshes cell and all it's MOs state
Corrected bug - run-time error on Fault Information with empty RULOGICALID in printout
Channel groups:
-MAIO parameter added
-MAIO pool can be defined to assign automatically to hopping channel groups
-HOPTYPE parameter added
-NUMREQE2ABPC removed G19.Q4 and on
-Value ALL for parameters NUMREQCS3CS4BPC and NUMREQEGPRSBPC is added
Combined Cell:
-support for TX Delay Diversity
-default values for EMTP, EMDI and EMRA depending on Combined Cell type
-tool recognizes currently defined combined cells
Typing help improved
-If output log is enabled, searching in Output Terminal searches the log file
-CTRL+Home in Output Terminal finds beginning of log file, CTRL+End end; old functionality with CTRL+PageUP/Down
-Go to line (CTRL+G) added, works for log file also
-pointer for position in log file
RP Function Change tool updated to support RPs not connected to GS (e.g. CTH)
RP IP Consistecy Check updated for new hardware (EVO) and CTH RPs

M-fiol 2016, version 3.15.4 (21 July 2016)

New in version 3.15.4:

Fixed problem with slow SSH
Network Explorer full support for APG43L (CP file system)
Log files can now be set up separately for network elements and/or dates
Log files for multiple instances of M-fiol now get instance number as suffix (e.g. -1, -2 etc.) for each new instance opened
Corrected bug - wrong state adjustment in some cases (some MOs used to "disappear" in TG Tool when other command issued, like allip)
Command help for ALLIP - column for date/time added and results can be sorted
Support for G15B
Buffer now automatically expands - no more "Buffer overloaded" message; the limit is amount of RAM
License check for MCTRs - warning if MAXPWR or MAXTRX are higher than needed - which takes more HWACs than needed (can be turned off in Default Values for TG) and fix with one click
Some other bugs corrected

M-fiol 2015, version 3.14.56 (11 December 2015)

New in version 3.14.56:

Fixed crash when connected via SSH
Support for Abis DIPs >999
Fixed bug - ETM4 devices not recognized if DIP name doesn't start with RB
Fixed bug with MCTR MINFREQ or MAXFREQ=0
Support for G14B
Combined cell tool in TG Tool (G14A and on) for easy creation of combined cells
Corrected bug which caused looping in update of CellPerBSC table when RSITE contained string "FAULT"
Adjusting of whole BSC (all TGs, cells and channel groups)
Some improvements in user interface
More checks for MCTR parameters
Improved power check and auto set for TX/MCTR and cell/chgr power
Corrected bug which prevented scrolling when selecting rectangle using mouse
Scrolling of output window to the beginning of log file
Command help for allip (TG alarms)
Improved generation of command files

M-fiol 2014, version 3.13.20 (10 April 2015)

New in version 3.13.20:

Default connection setting for APG changed-">" in printouts sometimes caused problems
Fixed bug with TG templates
Fixed misreported inconsistency with PAO=ON & IPM=ON (TG Tool - MCTR)
Fixed wrong reporting of extra IP address for ABI and missing IP address for AGW (IP Consistency Check)
Support for connection through SSH
Support for SFTP for Network Explorer
Connection settings can be defined for NE to connect through another NE (e.g. OSS)
Support for ETM4 devices and DIPs
Less serious warning about low Abis bandwidth

M-fiol 2014, version 3.13.4 (15 July 2014)

New in version 3.13.4:

Corrected bug with Remote OMT tool

M-fiol 2014, version 3.13.0 (11 July 2014)

New in version 3.13.0:

CCCH parameter added to channel groups
Corrected wrong DIP name for STM DIPs
New fault codes added, corrected bug with wrong MO class
Cell Monitor now correctly shows half rate channels and extended range cells
Cell Monitor now shows channel group for each timeslot and highlights monitored cell
For TG sync, in Cell Monitor now it's possible to select 'View by' for each TG
Fixed bug in error log for fault codes>=48
Fallback dialog now shows TG preview
TG Tool Manager now correctly shows MCTR
New tool for detecting and checking 3rd order intermodulation problems (with Cell Monitor)
Improved script execution speed
Command files now show position of cursor and next line for exexution
Improved text editor, undo/redo bugs resolved (including workarounds for Microsoft bugs)
Supervision can now be set for all types of channels and for BTS power savings
MCTR power shown with MCTR power table
Option to automatically set cell power for TGs with MCTR
Connection state shown for Abis over IP and optimized Abis
Abis over IP presets for different SAPI/LBG combinations
Help for command RRSCP (G13)
New tool: RP Function Change
New tool: RP IP Consistency Check
Remote OMT Tool is now free, and provided for backward compatibility only
Support for local Alex database
Program files folder is no longer used for data storage (old data will be moved to Common Documents and Common Application Data folders)
This is UAC compliant installation

M-fiol 2012, version 2.12.24 (10 May 2012)

New in version 2.12.24:

Support for G11A, G11B, G12A and G12B
Full support for RBS6000 with RUS
New managed oject MCTR (Multi Carrier Transceiver)
Better support for link tables
BTS Power savings is now visible in Cell Monitor
Network Explorer: support for transfering files to/from APG43
Better recognition of BTS hardware (support for EDGE etc)
Fixed bug with device types in Abis Optimization
Received paramaters can be saved now
In and out of service command added to TG Tool context menu
Color schemes can now be set per network element

M-fiol 2010, version 2.10.42 (7 December 2010)

New in version 2.10.42:

Fixed bug with TRA R7 in TRA Function Change Tool

M-fiol 2010, version 2.10.40 (25 October 2010)

New in version 2.10.40:

Support for Abis over IP and Abis Optimization
New TRXC parameter added: SC
Support for TG numbers up to 2047 (G10A and on)
Receive buffer increased to 32000 lines (for large printouts)
Support for MO DP (RXODP) added (again) to TG tool
Support for link tables for sites with Abis Optimization and Abis over IP
Updated HTML help
Fallback added to TG Tool
TRA Function Change Tool support TRA R6 and R7
DIP Function Change Tool now supports all types of BSC hardware and transmission

M-fiol 2010, version 2.10.10 (25 June 2010)

New in version 2.10.10:

Support for G10A & G10B
Support for BCCH in overlaid subcell
Comment field added to TG
Better support for Link Table tool
Few bugs resolved

M-fiol 2009, version 2.7.24 (21 January 2009)

New in version 2.7.24:

Support for R07A & R07B
TG Tool Manager - new tool for easier handling of multiple instances of M-fiol
Few bugs resolved (including problem with missing cells and lost connection settings)

M-fiol 2007, version 2.6.10 (11 June 2007)

New in version 2.6.10:

Changed name to M-fiol

M-fiol 2007, version 2.6.8 (18 May 2007)

New in version 2.6.8:

Corrected bug in Cell Monitor for R06A & R06B

M-fiol 2007, version 2.6.6 (14 May 2007)

New in version 2.6.6:

Support for R06A & R06B
Supervision can be set to a smaller value than actual number of channels (set in default values for TG)
Import and export of TG Data from TG Tool to XML files - very useful for backing up or restoring previous configurations
Unattended Changes in TG Tool - M-fiol does all the changes without need for user intervention
Removed MO RXODP from TG Tool
Removed obsolete "DDF Table" tool - for compatibility reasons still available from command line
EM Function Change split into two tools: TRA Function Change and DIP Function Change, with support for GS890 and mixed ETC and ET-155 boards
New script command @telnet
Supported connection to CPP nodes
Few bugs resolved


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