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M-fiol is an expert 'Element Management' tool for BTS configuration, operation and maintenance for Ericsson BSS, but it can also be used for other products, such as MD110 or MSC.

It was produced by BSC experts, so it has their knowledge and experience implemented.

Instead of typing hundreds of commands, it takes few mouse clicks to reconfigure a BTS or bring a new BTS into operation.

Advantages of using M-fiol:

  • shorter time to fully operational BTS - no more unnecessary hours spent on site for field technicians
  • status of all managed objects is visible on the same screen, so the status of the whole BTS is visible by one quick look - no more need for typing MML commands to check status;
  • mismatched parameters are marked red, some of them are even automatically adjusted.
  • minimized time needed for any change in BTS configuration + minimized possibility of making mistake
  • final result is shorter downtime for maintenance and more flexibilty in changing configurations.




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