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HowTo's and Tutorials

Here you can see how some common tasks can be done in easy way using M-fiol. You can try these procedures on DEMO BSC before doing it in live network.

Part 1: Introduction to TG Tool
Part 2: Creating a New TG
Part 3: Site Expansion 2+2+2 (e.g. in 2102) to 2+3+4 (e.g. in 2202 or 2 cabinets 2102)
Part 4: Replacing RBLT link for a TG
Part 5: Migration to Optimized Abis
Part 6: Migration to Abis over IP
Part 7: Creating a Site With 3 TGs in TG Sync
Part 8: Rehoming a TG (Move It From One BSC To Another)
Part 9: Setting Up Network Elements